Why Are Cat Pumps Better?

The high quality components, long lasting seals and field proven dependability have made them the pump of choice when it comes to continuous-duty performance and low maintenance. A dependable pressure washer pump is provided by Cat Pumps. You can read more about the pump.

What do Cat Pumps do?

There are three types of cat pumps: triplex, positive displacement and reciprocating pumps. The triplex pump styles are available. The positive displacement design creates a positive output of flow from the pump when revolutions of the crankshaft are made.

How long does a cat pump last?

The bearings last a minimum of 12,000 to 18,000 hours in low-rpm pumps and up to 10,000 hours in high-rpm pumps. Cat pumps have been certified by the International Organization for Standardization.

Are General pumps good?

It seems that the General Pumps are very good. Commercial pressure washing units are where the pumps are used most. That is because they are cheap. They hold up well on units that are fed with pressure and have the water heated after the pump, but they don’t last with gravity fed hot water.

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Are cat pressure washer pumps good?

The industrial line of CAT pumps have been designed for high flow applications. They are known to be the most reliable pump in the industry.

How long do cat pressure washer pumps last?

The pumps can be used for up to 100 hours. The life expectancy of their pumps can be as high as 500 hours with higher quality pressure washers. The average household uses their water pressure washer for 50 hours a year.

Where are general pumps made?

General Pump’s 54,000 square foot headquarters in Minnesota houses a large distribution center as well as a manufacturing facility that provides excellence in service and technology. General Pump has a manufacturing facility in China as well as an office.

What kind of oil goes in a cat pump?

Cat Pumps custom-blended, High-Pressure Pump Oil has been proven to maximize the life of Cat Pump products. This oil is specially formulated to protect against wear, oxidation, and rust.

What is a triplex pump?

A triplex pump is a type of positive displacement pump that moves both thin liquids and fluids.

What does a car water pump do?

The water pump in a vehicle is powered by the engine’s crankshaft. The water pump is designed to draw the cooled fluid through the center inlet. The fluid goes into the engine and back into the cooling system of the car.

How does a plunger pump work?

A vacuum comes out of the pump chamber when the plunger starts moving downward. The cylinder’s internal fluid pressure is affected by the vacuum’s effect on the external fluid pressure. The chamber is filled with fluid after the plunger sucks it in.

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Are pressure washer pumps universal?

Your pressure washer needs a compatible pump. It’s not possible to replace your pump with a different one because they won’t fit. If your pressure washer uses a triplex pump, you need to know about it.

What is the difference between axial and triplex pumps?

The Axial Cam pumps use direct-drive mechanics and spin at the same speed as the engine, which wear down faster than a triplex pump but can still be replaced. Longer life and better performance can be found in triplex pumps.

How long do Triplex pumps last?

Triplex pumps are the best pumps you can buy. They have a long life of about 10 years.

Why do pressure washer pumps fail?

A faulty unloader valve is the most common reason for the pressure washer pump to fail.

Will running a pressure washer without water?

Even if you can start the pressure washer, it’s not a good idea to use it without water. Water helps keep the pump cool. If the water isn’t cooled and lubricated, the pump won’t last long.

How can I make my pressure washer last longer?

There should be no obstructions in the spray tip or nozzle. The connections for the spray gun and wand need to be Lubricated. The spray gun connections and the water-inlet need to be replaced. There are cooling vents that need to be cleaned.

How many hours can a pressure washer run?

The pressure washer should only be used for five minutes. The duration should be between three and five minutes. If you leave your pressure washer running for too long, it can cause overheating.

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Why is my cat pump leaking oil?

If the oil level is too high, you should drain it until the level is at the center of the bubble gauge. If the leak is coming from between the two parts of the engine, it means that the oil seals are in need of replacement.

Are DeWalt pressure washers made by Simpson?

They reached a deal with the owners of the DeWalt trademark to make washers under the DeWalt name. This means that the washers from DeWalt and Simpson are the same. The same assembly line in Arkansas makes them.

What is a swab on a mud pump?

Both ends of a short wood, paper, plastic rod, or tube are wrapped in a small amount of nonwoven, cotton, microfiber, or foam. The material at the tip can be used to clean up messes.

How many hours will a pressure washer pump last?

The pump on a pressure washer is powered by an engine. The higher the engine or motor’s rating in HP, the higher the pump’s output. Between 300 and 3000 hours is the average lifespan of a gas engine. Electric pressure washers have longer motor life than pumps.

Are all pressure washer pumps the same?

Triplex or belt drive pumps are used by professional pressure washers and entry level gas pressure washers. Most entry-level electric pressure washers have wobble pumps, which are not replaceable, so if you want to buy a whole new unit, you should do so.

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