Is Cat Answer Key 2021 Out?

The answer key will be available on the official website until the 11th of December.

Is the CAT answer key out?

Candidates can check their responses with the correct answers if they have the answer key. The answer key for the exam can be found on the official website.

What happens when a question is wrong in cat?

There will be negative marks if we answer wrong in the cat exam, but only one mark will be deducted and 3 marks will be subtracted. You can check the admissions cut-offs and your chance in top B- schools. The application is open at the Great Lakes. Click here if you would like to register.

How can I prepare for CAT 2021 online?

The exam pattern and syllabus can be learned by taking the open mock. Practice at least 4 to 5 RC questions and read more newspapers and editorials. To test your concepts, focus on answering questions related to VARC, DILR and the like.

Will CAT 2021 be postponed?

Last year’s exam was not postponed despite the fact that it was held on the last Sunday in November.

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How do you check CAT key 2021?

The response sheet for the exam can be found under the candidate’s account at If you enter the user id and password, you will be able to check it. The question paper can be found next to the dashboard. The responses to the question paper will be included.

Is CAT exam compulsory for MBA?

I don’t know if I have to appear for the entrance exam for the business school I want to attend. Applying for admission on the basis of management exams is not possible. Many colleges have their own entrance exams.

Is CAT exam online or offline?

In terms of time duration, number of questions and sections, the exam has remained the same since 2015, except for the last two years which may be followed for the next one.

When should I start preparing for CAT 2021?

If you start preparing now, you can get it done. You don’t have to make long-term plans for three months from March to November. The preparation of the exam should start in March. The expert advice and the experience of the topnotchers is given below.

How can I crack my CAT in 3 months?

Light revision and looking at previous mocks can be helpful. Let’s not do any studies in the last three days. You can watch a good comedy movie in the next three days. You need to rest before the exam.

Is CAT exam 2021 online or offline?

There is a file. The Common Admission Test is going to be conducted by the IIMs in three sessions. IIM Ahmedabad is the institute that will be organizing the exam. There is an online application for candidates at

How many CAT exams are there in a year?

The exam is done once every year. It takes 21 days for it to be conducted. The date and time of the exam are up to you. The first thing you need to do is register for the exam.

What is the fees for CAT exam?

The registration fee for the general category is 2,200 and for the reserved category is 1,100, which is the same as last year.

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In which month CAT exam is conducted?

The 20 IIMs are included in the 160 management institutes that are included in the CAT. The online exam takes place in late November and early December. January is when the results of the CAT are usually announced. The rounds are usually held in February and May.

What is the qualification for CAT exam?

The candidate needs to have a Bachelor’s degree with at least 50% in order to be eligible for the exam. The percentage required is 45% for candidates with different abilities.

Is GMAT easier than CAT?

It is considered difficult to crack the GMAT and the CAT. There are over two lakh students taking the exam in India. The number of people taking the GMAT is the same as the number of people taking theMBA.

Does Nmims accept CAT score for MBA?

A certification course is offered by NMIMS Mumbai on the basis of entrance exam scorecards. The IIMS and XAT have released the results of the CAT.

Is CAT very tough?

It is one of the most competitive exams in India. The event will take place on November 28, 2021. More than 3000 seats in the IIMs and several other business schools are up for grabs every year, as a result of the exam.

Does 12 marks matter in CAT?

The answer is definitely yes. If you get a call from IIM, you must have class 10th and class 12th marks. The first thing they do is to look at your academics score and then call you for the round.

How many seats are there in CAT?

More than 5000 seats are offered by the 20 IIMs currently functioning in India, and there are almost two thousand candidates who take the exam every year.

Is CAT score valid for 2 years?

The card can only be used for a single year. The following years’ CAT exam will be taken by candidates after which they will be considered for admissions. The majority of the institutions in India accept the score for admission.

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Can I change from general to OBC?

When a child who is born in an inter-caste marriage at the age of 21 decides to choose the other caste of the father or mother, caste change can only be done legally. It’s not possible in your situation.

Who is OBC non-creamy layer?

The annual income of the applicants parents should be less than Rs. in order to be eligible for the non-creamy layer. A sum of 8 million dollars. The income that is considered for calculating annual income for creamy layer status is salary and agricultural income.

Is state OBC certificate valid for CAT exam?

A caste certificate once issued is no longer valid.

What’s a good CAT score?

The 97 to 98 percentile is good for IIMs, but the 90 to 95 percentile is good for other top business schools. The category of 80 to 90 percentile is where most of the test takers fall, and 100s of B- schools accept candidates with a score in this range.

Is 5 Months enough for CAT preparation?

There is a short answer to that. A person can start by June, finish all the portions by August, take 20 mock CATs and be ready for the real thing by November. The exam is not only about knowledge or application, it’s also about intensity and momentum.

Is Alchemist good for CAT preparation?

Flexibility at Alchemist made it possible for me to choose classes based on my schedule. I think Alchemist is the best place to get a business degree in Delhi. As a result of the mentorship program, I was able to improve my logic thinking skills.

Can you crack a CAT in 1 month?

Every day you should take a sectional mock of the exam. Evaluate the solutions of 25 to 30 RCs this week. You have to keep practicing the RCs. You need to complete 100 RCs before the event.

Is 6 months enough to crack CAT?

It is recommended that you take a lot of mock tests so that you are prepared for the real thing. It’s not very difficult to prepare a CAT in 6 months if you prepare it well.

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