How Do You Get Klepto Cat Puzzle Pieces?

Once you’ve completed the puzzle, you’ll get a bonus cat because the orange items that your cats bring back are pieces. You can find the puzzle pieces in the cupboard in your room if you can’t find them immediately.

How do you get new items in KleptoCats?

You will have to send your cat out on a theft mission if you want to collect all the inventory items. The cat will leave on average for 10 to 15 minutes and return with a sack of coins.

How do you get gems in Klepto cat?

Your feline friend will sometimes bring gems. Coins can be exchanged for them if you want them fast. You’ll need 250 coins to get a purple gem. The gem can be exchanged for 125 coins.

How do you get gems in Klepto cat 2?

There is a cat paw icon at the top of the screen in the Kleptocats 2 rooms. This is either a game menu or an album. A purple gem will be given to you if you enter a Safe code when you tap on it.

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What is the code for the KleptoCats book?

If you can’t figure out the morse code, you can enter the password “John Catterson” into the safe and watch the third scene.

What do coins do in cats?

Coins are the in-game currency that can be used to upgrade in-game parameters. You have to get gold to skip enemies. You need to complete Championship Stages and get gold, a Skill Point, Gems, and a Supply Box.

What is the story behind KleptoCats?

Klepto Cats has a story to tell. Some users may discover it sooner than others because of the randomness of the order in which you collect the objects. The mirror is the object that makes it obvious that something isn’t right.

What is the code for the safe in the shed in Kleptocats 2?

The menu can be opened with a tap on the jar on the shelf. Left, Up, Down, Down, Up, Left is the order in which the crystals should be tapped.

Is KleptoCats free?

Cats give their master various trinkets in exchange for attention and care in a casual game called Klepto Cats. Basic virtual pet mechanics are included in the game. The arrival of Version 2.0 also known as the Room 4 update took the game to a new level.

How do you summon the jar Fairy in cats and soup?

A cat is holding a jar of good fortune. You can claim your fairy present by watching the advert.

How do you get cat skill points?

In order to get skill points, you have to be promoted to the next stage. When you get them, you don’t have to use them right away. You can get 270 skill points if you prestige all the time. You can upgrade your skills by clicking on the cat with sunglasses banner.

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When was KleptoCats made?

Klepto Dogs was released in July of last year and has passed 3 million downloads. It has a book of its own. After talking to them again, they liked the animations and were interested in a deal with us.

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