Can Tsuki Eat Fish?

What can you do with fish in Tsuki?

Yori’s Store is where you can buy fish in Tsuki’s Odyssey. You can use the map in the game to get to the store quickly. You can sell the fish to either one of them.

How do you fish Hareshima Tsuki?

This is the location of Soy’s hut and the docks for the boat that goes to the Mushroom Village. Tsuki can fish with the help of Ocean Hunter and Crabpot.

What do you do with items in Tsuki?

There are items in the shop. Tsuki’s home will be where some of the items will show up. You can use them by tapping them.

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How do you recycle Tsuki?

After getting the trash, they can sell it to Dawn. There is a tank at the back of the store that can be used to observe the trash that was sold.

Can you get a bigger house in Tsuki Odyssey?

Tsuki’s Treehouse and Carrot Farm can be upgraded with the help of Dawn’s Workshop: Koinobori. Irrigation Pro Ultra is a high tech irrigation system. There is an expansion of level 3.

What does ducky float do in Tsuki?

The first floor of Tsuki’s house is where Ducky Float can be found. Common use will show you at the pier relaxing on a duck. Tsuki’s house is located at the bottom right corner.

What are you supposed to do Tsuki Odyssey?

Tsuki’s Odyssey is an adventure game that takes you into the world of Tsuki and Mushroom Village. You can make friends, catch fish, and decorate your home.

Where is Pipi Tsuki Odyssey?

She can be found playing in her father’s shop or hanging out at Tsuki’s carrot farm.

What time does Tsuki climb the mountain?

The earliest time to reach the cliffs is after 7pm, while the mountain peak is after 3am the next day. The mountain top can be reached during the daytime if you don’t launch the game client immediately after climbing the cliff.

How do you unlock Dawn’s workshop?

There is a workshop on the left side of the map. You can get the shop once you interact with Dawn at Yori’s General Store or at the Town Hall.

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What is the cave in Tsuki?

Mushroom Village has a location called the Moonlit Cave. It was mistakenly released in November. There is a way to get to the Bundle of Ropes from the right side of the garden.

How do you become a club moon in Tsuki?

IAP is required for the optional premium service of Club Moon. It can be purchased from Shiba’s shop for 1.99USD, and a free 3 days trial is available for all Apple/Google accounts.

Who created Tsuki adventure?

Tsuki Adventure is a games app for both phones and tablets. The current version is 1.22 and was released in the year of 2021.

How do I get a code for my adorable house?

How can I get new home special codes? The best way to get new codes is through the developers. You can get new codes by following ‘Hyperbeard’ on social media. The links for their social media accounts can be found on the settings screen.

How do you unlock Bobo in Tsuki Odyssey?

After the Daily Carrot publishes an article about Rosemary’s and Bobo’s “unlikely duo”, you can talk with Bobo at Rosemary’s Plant Shop.

How do you meet Dawn Tsuki in the Odyssey?

Dawn is at the Town Hall from 8 to 10 am and at Yori’s General store from 5 to 7 pm. She will go for a swim early in the morning.

When did Tsuki Odyssey come out?

Tsuki’s Odyssey is a mobile game that was developed by RapBot Studios and is set to be released in 2021.

How do you steal Benny’s pen Tsuki?

Tsuki was able to steal a pen from the Town Hall. Someone will post a Parsnap asking if anyone has seen their pens after they’ve been stolen. The first pen was stolen and nothing happened after that. After the second pen, he’s going to say he lost his pen.

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How do you send a Tsuki House?

There are a lot of things. A message saying “taking you home” will appear if one enters the special code: Country Road into the safe. Tsuki will quickly return to his home. Tsuki can be brought home regardless of how much was spent on travel.

How do I get to the graveyard in Tsuki adventure?

The Mushroom Village Cemetery was included in the Halloween update. You can get to it from the left. Tsuki can go to the graveyard at any time to clean his grandfather’s grave.

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